Every day, collection steps are strictly followed: transportation, cleaning, pumping milk recording samples, analyzes.

The drivers provide service tours 7 days a week in all exploitations located near and whatever the weather.

The milk is strictly controlled : each day and for each farm collected, sampling, analysis and cross tests are performed internally and externally, by inter-laboratory.


Arriving at the production sites, the milk has a new test, it will give or not the green light to move to the stage of manufacturing.
With modern equipment (trucks, milk tank ...), the collection takes place in conditions of increased reliability so the equipment cleaning is easier and more efficient.

In the farms, every day, farmers ensure health and well-being of animals. They know their animals, see them grow and know what is good for them. And what is good for cows is good for the quality of milk.

Animal comfort is also the object of attention. Inside and out, the animals are not attached. At the barn, they have a bright individual space. Their mulch is renewed regularly. Each animal has a health card which records all health interventions. The use of treatment occurs only if the health of the animal requires.

Milking parlors and equipment are cleaned and disinfected daily.
Cold chain, which starts at the milk tank is provided and regularly checked by the cooperative.


These good practices, applied daily by all breeders, which guarantees every day, the quality of milk and Gourme products





The company's goal is to satisfy you by the quality of its products that combine the freshness (fruits brought to the plant are directly processed) and for innovation.

Fruit juices provide vitamins and minerals that are essential to preserve. Each production is monitored and controlled by the laboratory before being marketed.

All juices are made in respect of the optimal health and safety rules. A strict specifications should be regular monitoring and controls at various key points in the production are made. Operators must, in turn, maintain daily records of traceability.
From conception to production, know-how Gourme juice can reproduce as faithfully as possible the delicious taste of the best fruit from here and elsewhere.

"Our goal is to offer a fresh, quality product in accordance with the strict rules of quality and hygiene and placing people at the heart of our project."

Quality. All our fruits are carefully selected. Our aim is to ensure a quality product both in taste as its health criteria.

Respect. We strive to continuously meet the contractual requirements and specifications to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Humanity. Gourme'l favors, since its inception, the social dimension of the economy, placing the human and well-being at the heart of its concerns.