Our Quality Policy ensures you :

  • Food safety, quality and traceability of our products, from receipt of raw materials to the shipment in accordance with the regulations, the standards in force and specifications
  • A continuous improvement deployed internally to grow and satisfy you


A Quality and Traceability perfect and total at each stage :

  • HACCP approach
  • Development of specifications suppliers
  • Identification of tanks and raw materials upon arrival
  • Followed by ACCOS automated or telemechanical
  • Implementation of document management
  • Date Marking and coding bricks
  • Registration in Industrial Management System
  • Lot Tracking product sample library
  • Respect the customer specifications
  • Sites with control laboratories


Innovative processes, specific and safe :

  • Sites monitored 24 H/24 with anti-intrusion system
  • Clean energy
  • Water classified ''spring water''
  • Direct / indirect sterilizers to preserve the taste and nutritional qualities of products
  • Storage in sterile tanks
  • Diverse aseptic and refrigerated packaging in bricks and bottles
  • The point quality : sortable your production before shipment
  • Total and unit tracking
  • Teams trained in new technologies and responsive to changes




"turnkey" solutions, tailored service :

  • Development of recipes and finished products
  • Study and development of new concepts
  • Access to a wide variety of raw materials
  • Using advanced and adapted technology


    Supply chain and transportation are key steps in the process. They are the final step before the provision of the goods.
    To ensure a complete service, we can arrange transport from door to door.